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About Cygnet Aerospace

Cygnet Aerospace Corp. is an engineering/

manufacturing Corporation located on the Central Coast of California. We are committed to providing high caliber aircraft components at reasonable prices. You may recognize us from our participation in aviation trade shows. Please stop by to say hello and introduce yourself as one of our valued customers.

Our Team

The Cygnet Aerospace team includes award winning engineers, pilots, and business professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines. We have an FAA DMIR on staff who can issue 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tags when required. Experienced, trained professionals answer each of your phone calls and respond to every e-mail inquiry.

The Cygnet Aerospace team understands Beechcraft aircraft, as we fly and operate our corporate Baron 55. We are American Bonanza Society advertisers and exhibitors. One of our engineers is a lifetime member of American Bonanza Society. Cygnet is an official sponsor and participant in B2OSH 2003-2019.

Engineering/ Product Development

Our Dual Yoke Assembly was designed by an award winning engineer with over 30 years in aircraft and high technology design.

Continuous innovation and improvement are core values at Cygnet Aerospace. Our engineering department has several projects in the FAA approval cycle at all times, so keep an eye on our website for new products and features.

Cygnet Manufacturing

By using computer controlled machining, today's best aircraft alloys, and superb engineering techniques, our products have been called the "Rolls Royce" of aircraft components without the large price tag.

We are proud to state that all Cygnet Aerospace products are manufactured and assembled in the United States of America!

We conduct regular and detailed site inspections of all our manufacturing vendors. For example, Cygnet control wheels are x-rayed to ensure casting quality. Each of our products is individually numbered or serialized, and linked to a documented paper trail. Compare this with anyone else offering flight controls. We guarantee you'll be pleased with your Cygnet Aerospace product.

Quality Commitment

At Cygnet Aerospace, "quality" is not just a slogan. We strive for the best in customer service and product performance each and every day. Our manufacturing approval process requires that we track 100% of our FAA/PMA parts from the origin of raw materials, through lot numbering and plating, x-ray inspection and serialization, all the way to the final product. We guarantee that every member of the Cygnet team is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Cygnet Aerospace Staff
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