Yoke Lock CA35-101 FAA-PMA

Yoke Lock FAA-PMA

CA35-101 $195


The Cygnet Aerospace Yoke Security Lock is an FAA approved part. Each unit comes with the applicable STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) paperwork. It is not a control lock, but a permanently installed security device requiring a key for the removal of the control arm. The yoke security lock replaces the chrome yoke retention collars on your aircraft. The existing gust lock function remains the same. It is an extremely effective tool in theft prevention at home base or while traveling. Of all yoke locks sold none have been defeated.


Cygnet Aerospace developed a Yoke Security Lock to combat yoke theft. The most common customer comment we hear is "my aircraft was hangared and I thought it was safe." Sadly, other customers call away from home base, stunned that their yoke has vanished and are frantic for a replacement dual yoke to get home. We constantly sell dual yokes as replacements to theft victims. Without fail, these customers purchase the yoke security lock, wishing they had our product preventing their unfortunate incident.

Although no security device absolutely guarantees theft prevention, it is widely accepted that aircraft with visible security devices are less apt to be tampered with by the unscrupulous.

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