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Nose Gear Assembly CA35-825110

Nose Gear FAA-PMA

CA35-825110 $Call to Inquire

The Cygnet Aerospace Nose Gear Brace is aluminum, machined from billet. The Beech part is a magnesium casting inherently susceptible to corrosion. To keep moisture out the lightening holes have been eliminated from the Cygnet brace. The part is finished using Cygnet's proprietary powder coating process; the same process used on our Dual Controls and Control Wheels.

New bronze bushings have oversize flanges which allow them to be fitted to your existing barrel, often eliminating the need for the shims used in the OEM part.

New internal pivot and shimmy damper bushings are installed in the new brace. These bushings are slightly undersize to allow for the cleanup of your existing mating bushings saving you the expense of replacing them with new parts.

This part is 4.5 pounds heavier than the OEM part, which can help many of the aircraft with aft C.G. problems.

Each Cygnet Nose Gear is engraved with part, lot, and serial number for complete traceability.

Note: This is not a "plug-and-play" type part. Beech manufactured 6,000+ aircraft with this nose gear. There are variations in tolerances for all these OEM parts. The barrel must be fitted to the bronze upper and lower bushings. The pivot and shimmy damper bushings require reaming or mating bushings to be machined for a slip fit. An experienced machine shop may perform these operations. Do not expect your mechanic to install this product at your tie down!

Machine Shop Services

Cygnet Aerospace offers in-house Machine Shop Services to properly fit and install your existing parts into your new Nose Gear Brace at a flat rate fee.

Barrel repairs may also be required to address problems such as broken studs, damaged bushings, and a damaged o-ring.

We use a certified repair station for these services if needed.

We also offer plating or painting of your cap and barrel at a nominal charge.

Please Note: The photos on this page show the following parts; included in the optional purchase of Cygnet Machine Shop Services.

  1. New parts machined to fit customer barrel and all bushings.

  2. Custom painting of customer cap and barrel.

If you opt to have Cygnet's in-house Machine Shop Services fit your existing barrel and bushings to your new Landing Gear Brace, or to have your cap and barrel painted, please send us the items on the Shipping Checklist at the time of your brace purchase.

Shipping Checklist

  • barrel

  • cap

  • pivot bushings (2)

  • shimmy damper bushing

Problems with Old Gear

The inner wall of the brace typically corrodes just above the bronze bushing. This is seldom detected until the corrosion is so severe that it penetrates the casting. The bushings can also corrode and can seize.

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