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Non Aviation Products

Powder Coating Canister

CP600-K $795

If you appreciate high quality tools and equipment you will immediately see results in time savings and consistent quality this improved design has to offer.

The Cygnet canister is a direct replacement for the Nordson HR-1-4 Hopper. The Cygnet kit is fully compatible with the Nordson powder system and is adaptable to most other fluidized powder delivery equipment.


  • High quality aircraft aluminum billet machined parts. Manufactured in the USA.

  • Rugged design to last a lifetime.

  • Fast and easy cleaning without disassembly of membrane and air supply plenum. Patent pending design significantly reduces the potential for cross contamination of powders, eliminating rework and reducing costs.

  • Efficient airtight design requires much less airflow for fluidization than typical leaky units.

  • Patent pending wall mount allows for convient wall storage and secure mounting while in use, eliminating costly spills and equipment damage resulting from canisters tipping over.

  • Low profile wall mount reduces the accumulation of excess powder compared to other mounts.

  • Low system cost allows for acquisition of multiple units giving you the ability to dedicate a canister for frequently used powders or standard colors.

  • Convenience and time savings by eliminating labor spent on cleaning equipment when changing colors.


Why is an aerospace parts manufacturer selling commercial powder coating products?

Cygnet powder coats many of the aerospace parts we manufacture. In our ongoing attempt to provide the highest quality aerospace products possible, Cygnet engineers identified some flaws in the powder canisters previously used to coat our products. Canisters were difficult to clean, with too many places where powder collected, making color changes a major source of contamination. Assembly and disassembly of canisters was difficult and time consuming.

It's difficult to strive for quality when working with insufficient tools. Cygnet engineers redesigned the traditional powder canister to better meet our needs. We feel that high quality equipment creates high quality parts and hope you feel the same.

Glass Lathe Chuck

CA800 $2,050 (with adapters each)


Precision Scroll Chucks for Litton Glass Lathes. Due to the custom nature of this product please call for more information.

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